Slip Resistant Perforated Metal Installed at Peirce College

Steel Perforated Walkway
  • The Situation:

    Peirce College is a private, non profit 4 year college in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a focus on non-traditional college students. Peirce College is in the business of transforming lives. They do so by making the benefits of higher education accessible and attainable to non-traditional college students of all ages and backgrounds. Located in center city Philadelphia, Peirce College's main campus is home to students for day, evening, and weekend programs.

    The security and safety of all members of the campus community is of paramount concern to the University. Peirce College is committed to ensuring proper safety fire escapes in the event of an emergency. Two fire escapes across campus were retrofitted with perforated metal for proper escape routes. Constructing balconies made perfect sense for the second escape route, which is why SLIPNOT was contacted to ensure safety measures by adding slip resistance to the balcony walkways.

  • The Solution:

    Peirce College provided SLIPNOT with 15 perforated metal plates. SLIPNOT applied their Grade 2 coating to various sized 10-5/16” x 33” x 120” galvanized steel perforated plates that were used for fire escape balconies on campus buildings. Combining the drainage benefits of grating and the high traction surface area of solid plate; SLIPNOT perforated metal creates safety walking surfaces. SLIPNOT perforated metal can be completely submerged in slick substances and still maintain its slip resistance, due to its superior coefficient of friction.

  • The Impact:

    In the event of an emergency, building design is critical, giving pedestrians a quick accessible route to escape a building when a fire is blocking other routes, such as the stairs. SLIPNOT slip resistant galvanized grating is ideal for wet, slippery situation where corrosion resistance is vital. Non-slip galvanized grating helps keep Peirce College on their feet. The non-slip perforated plates were installed and continue to ensure a safe exit route for students and faculty.

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