Proctor Products Company Incorporates Stainless Steel on Aluminum Plates into Tooling Projects

Stainless on Aluminum Stair Treads
  • The Situation:

    Proctor Products Company, located in Kirkland, WA, is a full scale manufacturing facility with capabilities including CNC machining and custom fabrication. Formed in 1954, Proctor Products Company utilizes a wide range of tooling and fabrication equipment to fulfill the needs of their customers. Proctor Products reached out to SLIPNOT to provide slip resistant aluminum plates with a stainless steel coating applied to be incorporated into a platform and steps for a tooling application they had in house.

  • The Solution:

    Proctor Products Company chose to order two pieces of 1/4” x 6’ x 12’ aluminum plates, four pieces of ¼” x 4’ x 12’ aluminum plates and three pieces of ¼” x 5’ x 12’ aluminum plates for the projects. Each plate was made from marine grade 6061 aluminum. While the plates were aluminum, Proctor Products chose to apply the stainless steel non-slip coating to the topside of the plates. The raised platform and steps needed to be crafted from a lightweight material so they can be moved if needed. The stainless steel coating created a corrosion resistant, file hard surface that allowed for total shoe to surface contact in potentially slick applications. Other companies such as The Boeing Company have used SLIPNOT stainless steel on aluminum plates for various applications due to its longevity, lightweight properties and durability.

    Once the plates arrived from the supplier, the stainless steel surface was applied to each plate and they were shipped to the customer in plastic to protect against damage in transit. SLIPNOT offers material in stock sizes or the material can be ordered in cut to size pieces and fabricated prior to applying the slip resistant surface to meet job requirements.

  • The Impact:

    The stainless steel on aluminum plates creates a lightweight, durable material that can be moved from job site to job site if needed. The non-slip surface will help workers retain traction when working with oils, coolants and other substances that can contribute to slippery work surfaces and accidents. The 100% grit free surface will last for years to come with minimal maintenance, even in the most demanding environments.

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