Seneca Foods replaces chipping fiberglass treads for greater safety

Seneca Foods Stainless Steel Stairs
  • The Situation:

    Seneca Foods is one of the leading producers of canned fruit and vegetables. Seneca supplies all food distribution channels including retail grocery, foodservice, industrial, and other food processors. Through acquisitions and market shares, Seneca focuses on quality products and customer relationships. An employee of Seneca was looking for a resolution to slippery stairs between two corn cutters. The fiberglass stairs that were currently being used had mold build up in between strips and were losing fiberglass pieces, as well as becoming slippery.

  • The Solution:

    The employee contacted SLIPNOT to discuss the application and decided it would be best to send their own treads in to have the top surface coated. The treads were stainless steel and the SLIPNOT stainless steel coating was applied to the sections indicated by the customer. The treads were 1/8” x 19-1/4” x 52-3/4” with a formed angle of 1 ¼” and 1/8” x 8-1/8” x 52-3/4” with a formed edge of 1 ¼”.

  • The Impact:

    The customer welded a back plate onto the new steps so they would be easier to clean and installed the treads. The old steps had four legs on the ground, making it difficult to clean around, the new SLIPNOT steps are supported off of the cutter framework so there are no legs on the ground and they can be flipped up if needed. Seneca Foods was happy with the end result and created a safe, sanitary walking surface for employees.

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