Stainless Steel Nosings Provide Added Traction for Pedestrians Accessing Stairways

Slip Resistant Angles on Wood Stairs
  • The Situation

    The University of Sainte Justine Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility servicing as the largest mother-child center in Canada and one of the four largest pediatric centers in America. They are recognized by their research in the areas of brain disease, musculoskeletal diseases and movement sciences, feto-maternal and neonatal pathologies, metabolic health, viral, immune and cancer diseases and advancement and development in health.

    The hospital did not overlook safety while designing the exterior steps and ramps around the building, as they were in search of a slip resistant solution to provide assistance for visitors, patients, and employees accessing the stairways and entrances.

  • The Solution

    The hospital hired a local contractor who contacted SLIPNOT for slip resistant nosings to be retrofitted onto the wooden steps that would be attached by bolting. SLIPNOT provided (67) 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 88 Grade 2 stainless steel nosing’s with countersunk holes. The angles provide safety to the edge of steps that become worn easily due to heavy foot traffic.

  • The Impact

    Since installation, we've received positive feedback from the contracting company and two new orders for additional nosings. The stainless steel exhibits a sleek aesthetic to the beautifully crafted wood stairs, as well as provides corrosion resistant properties that will withstand against inclement weather for years to come. Most importantly, there have been no reported slips and falls since the ramp and nosings were installed.

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