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Non-Slip Steel Grating Platform around CNC Machinery at Constellium

The Situation

Constellium is a global sector leader committed to designing and manufacturing innovative aluminum products for a broad range of applications primarily in the aerospace, automotive, and packaging industries. Constellium operates 22 manufacturing plants in Europe, North America, and China.

New Technologies Inc., a world-class designer and builder, was contacted by Constellium for a slip resistant grating platform to surround CNC machinery in their Van Buren Twp., MI facility.

The Solution

In order to ensure operator safety due to the amount of coolant, the Operations Manager reached out to SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring for a durable and long lasting solution.

New Technologies shipped (58) various sized 19W4 x 1-1/4” x 3/16” customer supplied steel grates to SlipNOT® that were first media blasted for imperfections and then coated with a Grade 2 non-slip steel surface. With an average peak to valley surface depth of 0.020”-0.025”, coolant is able to be present while providing the same coefficient of friction. Once the grating arrived, SlipNOT® was able to apply their slip resistant surface within the same day and ship the next day.

The Impact

In a recent follow up email, the Operations Manager said “I want to thank everyone at SlipNOT® again for their help in our first project together. It went very well. Our customer is very pleased with the results we provided, as well as the great traction provided by the SlipNOT® coating.”