Benefits of Stainless Steel Floor Scales

Floor scales are essential in food and beverage plants for weighing products being produced or shipped.  Many times, floor scales will be utilized to weigh ingredients before being mixed to create products.  Forklifts and carts struggle to maintain grip on floor scale plates and can waste valuable products.

Investing in slip resistant floor scale plates is an ideal solution.  Slip resistant floor scale plates allow for workers to move barrels, drums and other ingredients to be weighed without being concerned about losing the contents.  They also allow forklifts and cars to move around on floor scales when they are slippery and not lose control of their vehicles

SLIPNOT® floor scale tops instantly solve the problem of slippery floor scales.  A benefit to using SLIPNOT® floor scales is that all SLIPNOT® floor scales are registered by NSF International for use in food processing plants.  This means that SLIPNOT®’s coating will not flake off and will not affect the end product. Slip resistant stainless steel floor scales are also the most chemically resistant product SLIPNOT® sells and are easy to clean and maintain.

Slip resistant floor scale tops are ideal for scales in food and beverage plants that become slippery and create hazards for workers. By installing slip resistant floor scale tops, employers keep workers safe and provide a sanitary environment for their products.

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