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Non Slip Floor Scales from Rice Lake Weighing Systems

The Situation:

Rice Lake Weighing Systems manufactures a wide variety of weight related products and process control equipment. Since 1945 they have manufactured high quality scales and are on the cutting edge with their ability to combine wisdom and technology that will influence the future of weighing systems. Many of the scales that they manufacture are placed in manufacturing situations were heavy traffic and machine fluids are found, as well as production areas where cleaning liquids are prevalent. A major food processor was in need of a floor scale and wanted to offer extra safety protection for its employees. The food processor decided that Rice Lake offered the ideal scale and specified that a SlipNOT® non slip surface be applied before installation.

The Solution:

Rice Lake was impressed with the SlipNOT® product and decided they wanted to extend safety into other facilities by offering the slip resistant surface as an option for their scales. Currently Rice Lake sends SlipNOT® various sized floor scale tops to be coated. The products are then shipped back to Rice Lake for final placement. SlipNOT® is able to offer a slip resistant coating in aluminum, steel and stainless steel which makes it highly versatile for virtually any environment. In a recent order SlipNOT® coated a 3/8” x 60” x 60” stainless steel scale top assembly with the patented Grade 2 stainless steel surface. Rice Lake takes their customers safety seriously. They have worked closely with SlipNOT® by allowing sales representatives to visit and educate members of their engineering, marketing and purchasing team. They have also placed a non-slip scale in their shipping area to demonstrate the benefits of SlipNOT® for customers who come to their facility and dealers who send sales reps for training.

The Impact

By combining the high quality scales from Rice Lake and the high traction surface from SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring, facilities like manufacturers and food processors are able to offer long lasting safety to employees. Locate a local Rice Lake distributor or contact SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring for more information.