Installing Galvanized Steel Flooring for Pole Barns and Trailer Ramps

When it comes to a pole barn and livestock transportation, you have to consider comfort, safety and cleanliness for you, the public and the animals.  You want to take into account easy clean up and the physical well being of your animals.  Below are two situations where non-slip steel flooring is beneficial.

Livestock Trailer Ramps

Unloading and loading animals into transportation trailers can be extremely difficult when you do not have the proper flooring.  Trailer ramps benefit from galvanized steel flooring making them easy to clean with a power washer and stiff bristled brush, durable, and slip resistant.  Leading animals in and out of these ramps can make them nervous, so installing slip resistant steel flooring can keep you and your animals more relaxed knowing that you both have a sure footed surface.

Pole Barn Aisle ways

Installing slip resistant galvanized steel flooring on your pole barn aisle ways is essential for public traffic and unloading of animals.  Whether this is a residential or commercial pole barn, many people are unaware of how slippery the surface is.  This makes them more susceptible to slip and falls and possible injuries.  Installing galvanized steel flooring not only protects you from slipping, but is also absorbent free and easily washed with a power washer.

Installing galvanized steel flooring to your trailer ramp will help you maintain your animal’s calm composure as well as yours, giving you a good grip.  Installing galvanized steel flooring to your aisle ways will definitely help with keeping the public safe as well as keeping an odorless pole barn.  SLIPNOT galvanized steel flooring is used in outdoor applications and for projects where high traffic is present.  Its unmatched surface hardness, durability, and rust protection make it ideal for projects like this.


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