LEED Certified Parking Facilities Designed with Sustainability in Mind

In recent years, environmentally friendly projects have been the focus of many companies looking to make an impact on the developing green design market.  Companies have been constructing buildings with a focus on sustainability, taking into account everything from planning and site selection to using water, energy and materials in the most efficient ways possible.  Stand alone parking facilities create an open air environment that do not meet the criteria for LEED certification but if it is contained within, connected to or located on the site of a LEED certified project, it may be encompassed within the project boundaries.

“Incorporating Sustainable Strategies into the Design of Parking Facilities”, in the September issue of Structural magazine, suggests that in the building process, the following construction and building practices can be followed to still allow an environmentally friendly and sustainable parking garage:

  • Document strategies that prevent construction activity pollution.
  • Use regional materials to reduce transportation impacts.
  • Develop and implement a waste management plan.
  • Use salvaged, refurbished or reused materials to discourage use of virgin materials.
  • Use materials with recycled content.
  • Dedicate areas to the storage and collection of recyclable materials.

SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring manufactures all metal slip resistant green products that are long lasting and durable.  Plate, grate and ladder rungs are some of the many slip resistant products used in various industries and applications.  The Denver International Airport installed slip resistant punched aluminum plank on stairways and landings in their parking garage to allow for slip resistance and let water, light and air to pass through.  SLIPNOT green products are durable, long lasting and create a 100% slip resistant surface in all directions.

Chris Gray. “Incorporating Sustainable Strategies into the Design of Parking Facilities.” Structural Engineer. September 2011. 38-40.

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