OSHA Safety Stand Downs

On November 14th, 2013 Phase One of the 2013 National Voluntary Stand Down  of US Onshore E&P took place in Humble, TX.  The stand down is an event that OSHA and the National STEPS (Service, Transportation, Exploration and Production Safety) have urged all oil and gas exploration companies in Texas , Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico to participate in.  Phase Two asks participants to spend at least 1 hour total in intervals of at least 15 minutes talking with their employees and contractors about the safety information provided at www.oshastanddown.org.

What is a stand down? A stand down is when a company stops normal operations for a small amount of time to actively conduct safety meetings with workers in their work environments.  Safety inspections can also be conducted during this stand down time.  Regardless of the industry, a stand down is a hand on, direct way to increase safety awareness.  This way of teaching safety and observing practices was highly successful in a 3 month stand down conducted by the UT Arlington Division for Enterprise Development’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Education Center.  During a three month stand down in 183 locations 3,888 job sites were inspected, 8392 hazards identified and 36,643 workers trained in the U.S. Oil and Gas Exploration and Production industry.

SLIPNOT products have been keeping employees in the oil and gas field safe for years.  Companies such as Marathon Oil, CITGO, Shell and Exxon Mobil have utilized the superior traction of the metal non slip products.  SLIPNOT products come in three surface textures with Grade 3 being the roughest and most suitable for extremely slick environments.

If your company is interested in more information or in joining the stand down please visit www.oshastanddown.org to register.  For more information on SLIPNOT simply email a helpful sales representative at info@slipnot.com.

Information on stand down found at http://ehsworks1.blogspot.com/2013/11/osha-holds-stand-down-to-raise-safety.htmland https://dedweb.uta.edu/cedwebfiles/National%20Stand%20Down%20PR.pdf

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