Pedestrian Safety Has WHO Focus

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In May, 2013 the World Health Organization (WHO) directed their focus to improving pedestrian safety throughout the world.  The WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health.  In order to help prevent the 270,000 pedestrian deaths that occur throughout the world each year the WHO and partners have produced Pedestrian Safety: A Road Safety Manual for Decision-Makers and PractitionersThey are calling on governments around the world to take proactive measures in order to help eliminate the 5,000 pedestrian deaths that occur weekly.  According to a blog on EHS Works, the publication focuses on the following steps:

1.)   Providing infrastructures that help provide safe areas for pedestrians: Crosswalks, sidewalks, overpasses, raised medians and underpasses should be available to pedestrians as well as incorporating speed bumps and rumble strips on roads in order to slow traffic around pedestrian areas.  Lighting should also be improved on dark roads.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring has consistently been used in pedestrian walkways and infrastructures in order to provide a safe, high traction, slip resistant walking and biking surface to pedestrians.  Electrical vault covers, manhole covers and road plates can also be coated with the durable non slip surface in order to provide pedestrians with the safest travel area possible.

2.)   Enforcing current pedestrian laws and creating new ones if necessary: Laws such as ones that reduce cell phone usage, drinking and driving and reducing speed need to be enforced and possible improved.

3.)   Pedestrian zones in city centers should be created.  Special areas for pedestrians to cross busy streets and other areas where vehicular access is limited creates a save zone for walkers or bikers.

4.)   Creating and enforcing new designs on vehicles that are pedestrian friendly:  One example would be soft fronts/bumpers for vehicles.

5.)   Mass transit routes should be examined and recreated if necessary

6.)   Trauma care systems should be organized or enhanced: Pedestrians that experience serious injuries can be treated quickly.

Pedestrian safety is something that all governments need to take seriously.  SLIPNOT can provide pedestrian safe metal products that are customized for municipality specifics and that can help prevent slippery surfaces for pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

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