Perforated Metal Safety Flooring

When you think of perforated metal you may picture decorative panels in homes and business, architectural sun shades on business, acoustic equipment, washer drums, strainers, guard rails, and fuel/air filter systems; however perforated metal can also be efficiently and effectively used as a safety flooring product.

There are thousands of companies that specialize in the perforating of metal plate and coil.  Endless designs, hole sizes, spacing and materials are used to create specialized projects and artistic architectural designs.  Perforated metal is a highly versatile product and companies should consider it for keeping employees safe.  Perforated plate can easily be retrofitted over slippery stairways, walkways, catwalks, etc while still allowing drainage of liquids and debris.  Metal that is perforated is also an ideal solution to drain covers that become slippery in food processing plants and manufacturing facilities.  By adding an extra safety component such as a non-slip coating to the perforated metal, employees are ensured a safe and productive work area.

SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring coats all types of perforated metal.  When specifications are given, SLIPNOT can fabricate architecturally appealing end products such as the stainless steel perforated stair treads used on the High Line Park steps in New York City.  Non-slip perforated plate can also be purchased in stock pieces, fabricated in the field, and used throughout various places within a plant.  Companies and architects should consider slip resistant perforated metal as a safe and aesthetically pleasing solution to slippery conditions on the inside and outside of their facilities.

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