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Anti Skid Bridge Plates

Most people while on vacation or while doing fun activities such as visiting amusement parks or other recreational facilities don’t spend a lot of time thinking about safety.  Slippery flooring within facilities, proper drainage of run off materials and rain water, properly maintained buildings and their own physical safety are concepts that are not always on the top of the list as people want to just let loose and have fun.  Unfortunately, tragic accidents do happen as seen by the accident at Six Flags Over Texas just within this past week. With no government or state agency responsible for enforcing safety in amusement parks, Six Flags will take the investigation into their own hands to make sure nothing like this happens again.

While non slip flooring would not have prevented this sad event, recreational facilities should take slip and falls into consideration when planning to prevent injuries. Cedar Point has taken a proactive approach to preventing visitors slipping.  High traction plate was installed into the cabs on a roller coaster as well as slip resistant grating on walkways.  Universal Studios has also applied non slip products on their Harry Potter ride.  Other recreational facilities such as the Dallas Arboretum, the Spadina WaveDeck, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the High Line Park and the Smithsonian Zoological Park use SLIPNOT high traction metal products to keep visitors safe.

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