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Road plates and bike lane plates are a durable alternative to other surface coatings. They are ideal for high traffic areas that can become slippery with water, oil, gasoline and other substances.  Road plates provide dependability and safety day after day.  It is the strength and surface hardness of road plates that ensure their quality. The conditions of these road plates are monitored by different organizations, such as the ANSI, ASTM, NFPA, and OSHA, to ensure safety for everyone.

Road plates should be subjected to both field and laboratory trials, and should prove effective in providing sure-traction surfaces even after years of wear. These tests minimize liabilities by continuing to ensure maximum slip-resistance without wearing smooth or flaking off like other temporary surface coatings.

At SLIPNOT, we put our road plates and bike lane plates through such tests, with positive results. Our road plates and bike lane plates are trusted across the country. Chances are, you’ve heard of or visited some of the municipalities that are using our products. Our plates are utilized by the city of Milwaukee to create cycle-safe lanes over existing bar grating. Our plates are also used as high-friction highway construction road plates for New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and many other municipalities.

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