Stainless Steel Ladders are Ideal in Food Processing Plants

An article entitled “Stainless Steel Ladders-Ideal Access Solutions in a Food Production or Processing Facility” talks about how stainless steel ladders are essential to any food plant.  Machines break down, lights burn out, regular maintenance must be performed on crossovers, platforms and machinery, and high storage areas must be accessed.  Due to the strict hygiene codes in food plants, stainless steel ladders, whether they are fixed or mobile, can be decontaminated and easily cleaned.  The article mentions that every ladder should conform to OSHA and ANSI standards.

In my opinion it is also important to keep the engineers and employees safe while climbing the ladders.  Adding a non-slip stainless steel ladder rung or rung cover will not only increase safety but increase the confidence of the person using the ladder.  Knowing that the chance of slipping and falling off of the ladder is dramatically decreased, employees can move quickly and efficiently.

As facilities are striving to use sustainable and green products, stainless steel ladders are extremely durable.  SLIPNOT stainless steel rungs and covers provide sustainable slip resistance on highly used ladders.  The anti-skid surface has been known to last decades, even in high traffic areas.

Stainless Steel Ladders-Ideal Access Solutions in a Food Production or Processing August 22, 2011, September 28, 2012. <>

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