Steel Floor Grating Safety Concerns in Various Conditions

Earlier this January, a gentleman was hired to shovel snow in front of a city sanitation garage in New York.  He stepped on a piece of steel grating in the sidewalk that allowed ventilation to the No. 1 train below, fell through and landed 10 feet down on the bottom, hitting his head on the way down.  Another gentleman who was working with him said the steel floor grating looked like it was in bad shape.  Proper maintenance of the grating could have prevented this accident.  Steel floor grating needs to be painted or galvanized to protect it from rust and corrosion.  If it is not properly protected or bolted down, accidents like this can occur.

SLIPNOT slip resistant steel floor grating can be utilized in wet or snowy conditions.  It retains its slip resistance when completely covered in oil, lubricants, water and other liquids.  SLIPNOT slip resistant products have been used by utility companies in the past searching for solutions to their slippery vault covers and road plates.  Seattle City Light has purchased both slip resistant road plates and vault covers with the patented SLIPNOT coating applied to install in sidewalks and roads throughout the city.

Steel floor grating can become worn and hazardous if it is not maintained properly.  Taking proper steps to ensure the steel floor grating remains a safe walking surface for pedestrians is the number one priority for city departments across the country.  By galvanizing or painting the surface and making sure it is anchored properly will help reduce slip and fall accidents., “Snow shoveler injured in fall through metal sidewalk grate,” Kerry Burke and Joe Kemp, 12 Jan. 2011

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