Steel Plate Safety Inside and Out

Non-slip steel plate is a product that is used in a variety of industries within countless applications.  From catwalks, cross walks, stair treads, entryways and truck beds to vault covers, drain covers, scales, bridge plates and road plates; floor plate can be incorporated for added strength and safety.  With the weather turning colder and wetter throughout most of the country, making sure pedestrians and workers are just as safe outside while walking on plate as they are inside is very important.

Products like diamond plate are available in different alloys and with different protective surfaces; however they are not as slip resistant in inclement weather as the high traction surface created with SLIPNOT products.  SLIPNOT steel plate can be painted or galvanized to protect against corrosion for interior or exterior use.  In high traffic areas such as walkways and bridges, non-slip plate has held up for years.  The DuSable Bridge that carries Michigan Avenue in Chicago from one side of the Chicago River to the other has utilized SLIPNOT painted steel plate for years.  The same can be said for the steel road plates that were installed decades ago in the West Coast keeping motorists and bicyclists safe.

Companies and municipalities should always keep in mind how weather changes affect safety inside and out and should use a non-slip product that works well in both situations.  Non-slip steel plate is a versatile product that can be effectively and safety used in a variety of environments.

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