Preventing Pollution in a Storm Drain

A storm drain is an important part of flood prevention in both residential and commercial areas.  Excess water from paved roads, sidewalks, parking lots and roofs flow into street gutters hopefully leaving a safe area for pedestrians and motorists.  The water that flows down the drain generally has one outlet into a river, canal, stream, lake or ocean and is not generally treated for pollutants.   Pollutants that enter the drainages system eventually end up in these larger bodies of water and can cause harm to the surrounding environment and sickness to humans and animals.

As responsible citizens we can help minimize the amount of pollutants that enter the storm drains.  According to there are specific steps we can take in order to make this possible.

1.)    Do not allow parking lot wash water to flow into the system because it can be filled with oil, grease and other toxic substances.
2.)    Sweep walkways instead of using water to wash them.
3.)    Remove all debris from an area that is about to be power washed.
4.)     Perform power washing in a place where the waste water can be contained with barriers.
5.)    Clean vehicle leaks with rags instead of washing them down with water.
6.)    Mop water should be put into the sanitary sewer system instead of washed down the drain.

While caring for the environment and minimizing pollutants that enter the water system are steps everyone can do, keeping pedestrians and motorists safe while using the roads that the drains covers are located on is important too.  Adding a SLIPNOT non-slip surface to the storm drain will not only keep pedestrians and bicyclists safer, the slip resistant products last decades and hold up well in adverse environments.  Any style grating, including ADA compliant grating, can be coated for complete safety.   Storm drains play an important role in our environments; safety should also play an important role on storm drains.

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