Summer Stair Injuries

When someone mentions slipping and falling while outside most people think of inclement weather conditions such as snow, ice or rain that lead to these accidents.  The truth is, slip and fall accidents happen even in the summer on stairs, sidewalks, walkways and places for public activities. The article “Summer Slip and Fall Accidents” by Jessica Grigsby talks about where common summer accidents happen and how to avoid them.

Amusement parks and water parks often have wet surfaces.  Jessica suggests always abiding by safety rules, avoiding large puddles of water and being careful of the tile around pools.  Parks can also install non-slip stair treads in areas that are frequently washed down or wet.  Slip resistant drain covers keep people safe where water collects, and high friction ladder rungs help employees when accessing maintenance areas.

Ballparks and outdoor sporting events can also lead to slip and fall accidents.  Spilled beverages on stairways and walkways create hazards for employees and patrons.  A non-slip nosing makes any stair safe.  Slip resistant handrails also create extra friction for anyone climbing the steps.

Jessica also mentions getting into the habit of always putting maintenance and gardening tools away to avoid tripping.  Keeping hoses and plants neatly maintained and watching out for debris from any exterior project around the house are also ways to avoid summer slip and fall accidents.

Keep yourself safe this summer.  Use extra caution in slippery situations.

Grigsby, Jessica. “Summer Slip and Fall Accidents.” Injury Board. July21,2011

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