Trench Drain Covers

Trench drains are used in a variety of industries from manufacturing, utilities, food processing, commercial and even some residential situations.  A trench drain is a long drain that sits flush with the floor.  It efficiently moves liquids, sometimes large amounts of liquids, out of a possible slippery area.  Trench drains need to be covered in order to prevent trip hazards.  Grating, perforated plate, expanded metal and sometimes floor plate are all options that can cover the drain preventing objects from falling in.

Companies and municipalities should also be concerned with employees and pedestrians slipping on the trench drain cover.  A non-slip cover for trench drains are a simple and effective solution for safety in drainage areas.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring can provide new slip resistant trench drain covers for new construction of trench drains or retrofitting over slippery existing drains.  Existing covers can also be coated with the high traction non-slip surface SLIPNOT manufactures by simply sending them to SLIPNOT.

Food processing companies such as Virginia Poultry Growers incorporated slip resistant trench covers and trench drain covers in order to keep employees safe in areas where grease, fats, water, oil and other substances needed to be washed away on a daily basis.

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