Galvanized Steel Process

Steel is an alloy that is used for many applications across the world.  It can be used in creating the structure of a building, for indoor and outdoor walkways and as road plates in construction areas, among others.  Steel is one of the most diverse alloys used today.  For outdoor applications or applications where water and moisture may be present, using galvanized steel products will help protect against rust and corrosion that may form in those environments.

Galvanizing is defined as “the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, in order to prevent rusting.”  Hot-dip galvanizing is the most common form of galvanization in use today.  The hot-dip galvanizing process consists of steel being dipped into a bath of molten zinc.  Zinc is bonded to the steel creating a surface that is rust and corrosion resistant.  Lead may be added to the molten zinc to help in various parts of the process before, during and after the galvanizing is completed.

The bond between the zinc and steel is permanent.  Even if the galvanized portion of the surface is scratched, the steel underneath will still be protected because of the chemical reaction created in the process.  The resulting zinc carbonate adheres extremely well to the steel surface, creating a protective layer similar to how aluminum and stainless steel oxides protect these metals against corrosion.

Utilizing slip resistant galvanized steel products will help increase safety, as well as providing a corrosion resistant surface.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring manufactures an all metal slip resistant surface that is applied to metal substrates.  Galvanized steel is a finishing option available for floor plate, bar grate, ladder rung covers and more.  The non-slip coating combined with the galvanized surface creates safe, long-lasting, galvanized steel products for companies looking to increase safety and reduce costs of replacing worn out or failing products.

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