Trench Drain and Trench Covers

A trench drain is a floor drain containing a dominant trough or channel shaped body.  It is used in situations where rapid drainage of surface water or for containment of utility lines or chemical spills.  By installing a solid cover or grating flush to the surface it allows for drainage and a walking surface.  Most trench drain is long and narrow in width.

There are four types of trench drains: cast-in-place, pre-cast concrete, liner systems and former systems:

  • A cast in place drain is a concrete trench that is formed in the ground using wood forms, reinforcing bar and manual labor.
  • Pre-cast concrete are made in factory and use channel pieces, formed of metal and attached to a metal frame, then concrete is poured to finish.
  • Linear systems are made of polymer concrete, fiberglass, plastic and steel, they are the channel and grate components that are assembled and then concrete is poured to finish.
  • Former systems give a cast-in-place product without making the form and instead of wood, polystyrene or cardboard are used and attach to a prefabricated frame and grate system.

In environments where excessive liquids need to drain safety can be a concern for employees working in these slippery areas.  For this reason SLIPNOT manufactures non-slip trench drains covers for food processing, aerospace, automotive, metals and mining, commercial and manufacturing environments, among many others.  Slip resistant grating trench drains are used for applications such as recycling trenches where the oil is collected into the trench and recycled for reuse.  Slip resistant floor plate trench covers can be used as a trench drain cover over utility lines.

For examples of how SLIPNOT trench drains are utilized you can view a case study on how Goodrich Corporation used removable trench covers  or how Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products utilized steel grating as trench drain.

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