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Slip Resistant Vault Covers Provide Safety for Pedestrians and Vehicle Traffic

The Situation:

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is a utility company based in San Francisco, CA. PG&E provides natural gas and electricity to nearly two thirds of California. PG&E was looking to replace bare diamond plate vault covers that become a hazard to pedestrians and vehicles when they become slippery. The vault covers also needed to be made out of a lightweight material to allow easy access to workers utilizing the gas, electric, water and telephone frames underneath.

The Solution:

PG&E contacted SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring for a solution to bare diamond plate vault covers. SlipNOT® provided PG&E with slip resistant aluminum vault covers. Aluminum vault covers were the optimal solution for the project because the aluminum substrate is a lightweight material providing workers with a vault cover that can be easily moved. The slip resistant vault covers are also corrosion resistant providing slip protection to pedestrians, worker and vehicles in a vast array of weather conditions. Furthermore, the slip resistant aluminum vault covers are a low maintenance solution that can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic while still maintaining its slip resistance.

The Impact:

Since 1989, SlipNOT® slip resistant aluminum vault covers have provided PG&E with a slip resistant solution to dangerous bare metal vault covers. The aluminum vault covers provide PG&E with a material that can be easily moved by workers utilizing the space beneath and is corrosion resistant. SlipNOT® slip resistant vault covers have exceeded the expectations of PG&E and are now a company standard. Currently, PG&E has thousands of SlipNOT® slip resistant vault covers installed throughout California to protect workers, pedestrians and vehicles.