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Stainless Steel Nosings on Entrance Stairs of Sunset Penthouse

The Situation

The Sunset Penthouse Condominiums were built in the Mid-Century Modern architecture style in 1962. The condominium association installed new tiles on the front steps of the complex in West Hollywood, CA in early 2016. Unfortunately, the tiles they selected did not meet the longevity expectations Sunset had set for them, and they started to chip within six months. After a great deal of research, Sunset contacted SlipNOT® for a resolution.

The Solution

After reviewing specifications, SlipNOT® coated (4) various lengths of 2" x 2" 304 stainless steel nosing with Grade 2 stainless steel. This provided Sunset Penthouse with an anti-slip protective surface for the new tiles on their entrance stairs.

SlipNOT® stainless steel stair nosings have been used in locations around the country, including the Woodward Headquarters in Fort Collins, Co and Liberty Park in New York City, NY.

The Impact

The stair nosings that Sunset installed helped to protect their new tiles from chipping. The SlipNOT® Grade 2 stainless steel provides an anti-slip surface for the nosings and is also very close in color to the original tile. Because of this, Sunset’s late addition to their stairs looks like it was always part of the design.