Slip Resistant Stainless Steel Drain Covers Installed on Production Floor at Waco Poultry

  • Situation:

    Established in 1965, the Waco Poultry division is home to 310,000 square feet of production facilities. With a team of 700 associates from hourly to management, the facility processes 25,000 turkeys a day. Some notable product lines this location produces include: Walmart Prima Della chicken, pork, and turkey deli products as well as Kroger Private Select chicken, pork, and turkey deli items.

    With the kind of volume they produce, providing a safe environment for the workforce, especially on the production floor, is essential. Waco Poultry’s parent company, a major food processing company, sought SLIPNOT as a solution for slippery conditions on the production floor.

  • Situation:

    Suitable drainage in the food processing industry is fundamental for sanitation and is designed accordingly with floor drain covers being a prevalent feature in all facilities. In areas where floor drain covers are installed slippery conditions can occur when water and other liquid substances gather, potentially creating unsafe work conditions in high traffic area.

    Adding slip resistance to drain covers was an effective solution for slip resistant needs in many food and beverage processing facilities. For this project, SLIPNOT provided their slip resistant coating to customer supplied stainless steel drain covers; the project required 17 Pieces of 1/2” x 12-1/8” x 12-1/8” Grade 2 stainless steel in a mill finish.

  • Impact:

    A representative of Waco Poultry reported that the covers were serving their intended purpose to prevent slips, trips, and falls on the production floor. SLIPNOT continues to provide permanent safety solutions for many industries, increasing productivity and worker safety while reducing injury and liability.

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