Novartis installs SLIPNOT making office building exterior slip resistant

  • The Situation

    Novartis' office building in East Hanover, NJ was designed with safety in mind. Leading up to the building's main entrance, Novartis installed grating to avoid slips and falls during rainy and snowy conditions.

    Unfortunately, spaces in the grating were large and shoes with narrow heels were getting caught. To prevent this, the building and maintenance team placed mats over the grating. Mats would freeze in wet and cold conditions and became an even greater slipping hazard.

    Novartis tried electric heating mats, which solved the problem for a time. However, frequent issues with the mats shorting out made it impossible for them to be a long-term solution.

  • The Solution

    Novartis installed SLIPNOT plates over the grating. After reviewing specifications, SLIPNOT provided (6) various sized 2/16" thick 5052 aluminum plates with Grade 2 aluminum -- a solution that addressed all issues including high-heeled shoes getting stuck.

  • The Impact

    Novartis had been struggling to find a slip resistant solution without creating other hazards. With SLIPNOT, the problem was solved and there have been no reported slip and fall issues.

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