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Novartis Pharmaceuticals Installs SlipNOT® Plates Outside of Office Building

The Situation

Novartis traces its roots to three companies: Geigy, Ciba and Sondaz. All three companies were founded in Switzerland and shared "a passion for developing and marketing new products that contribute to human progress through advances in science and health." Ciba and Geigy merged in 1970 before then merging with Sondaz in 1996, officially forming Novartis. Today, the company offers a diverse portfolio to produce innovative medicines and cost-saving generic and biosimilar pharmaceuticals and eye care.

An affiliate of Novartis, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, is located in East Hanover, NJ. The company has grating leading into the main entrance of the office building for increased safety in slippery conditions. However, the spaces in the grating were large enough that shoes with narrow heels were getting caught. It an attempt to stop this, Novartis placed mats over the grating directly in front of the doors. However, wet and cold conditions led to the mats freezing and becoming a slipping hazard. Novartis moved onto electric heating mats, which solved the problem for a time. However, frequent issues with the mats shorting out made it impossible for them to be a long-term solution.

The Solution

Hoping for a long-term solution, Novartis Pharmaceuticals decided to install SlipNOT® plates over the grating. After reviewing specifications, SlipNOT® provided (6) various sized 2/16" thick 5052 aluminum plates with SlipNOT Grade 2 aluminum for slip resistance. SlipNOT® aluminum plates provide a single solution that solves all the problems created by previous solutions. Since they are solid, flat plates, there is no issue with high-heel shoes getting stuck and employees and visitors to the building do not have to worry about slipping and falling in hazardous conditions.

The Impact

Novartis Pharmaceuticals had been struggling to find a slip resistant solution to put over grating outside of its New Jersey office building as the grating was creating a hazard with certain types of shoes. After trying various options, Novartis finally installed SlipNOT® aluminum plates over the grating. The plates fill in the gaps in the grating that created a hazard for some shoes while the Grade 2 aluminum coating provides the slip resistance that other options had been lacking.