Food processing plant makes steel mixing tanks slip resistant

  • The Situation:

    One of the largest food condiment processing plants, founded in 1869 and employing ~32,000 people, was looking for a slip resistant surface to put around their mixing tank platforms.

    Exacting safety standards are core to their mission and central to their heritage. It was critical for their operators to have a safe walking surface to access the tanks.

    A&B Process Systems was contacted by the food processor for slip resistant platforms and stair treads for a 225,000 square foot facility.

    Knowing that the customer was in need of a slip resistant solution that was durable, long lasting, and exceeds all standards and recommended guidelines for slip resistance, A&B Process partnered with SLIPNOT.

  • The Solution:

    When working on a stainless steel work platform liquids can splash around and spill on the floor. This can make it very difficult for workers to maneuver around efficiently.

    To meet the requirements of the processing plant, A&B Process Systems ordered stock Grade 2 stainless steel plates and Grade 2 stainless steel stair treads with SLIPNOT stainless steel surface technology applied. Stainless steel is easy to clean and is most commonly used in the food industry because of the strict hygiene conditions.

  • The Impact:

    No safety incidents have been reported after the installation, and employees in this food processing facility are working in more confident workspaces.

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