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Steel Ladder Rung Covers Provide Slip Resistance at General Electric

The Situation:

A steel structural manufacturer was contacted by General Electric (GE) to provide a slip resistant solution for ladders in their Bucyrus plant. The Bucyrus plant manufactures high-efficiency light bulbs that are sold in the United States. Companies that utilize the light bulbs can benefit from the stimulus law which provides incentive for companies that purchase made in the United States products.

In the past several years as production for the high-efficiency light bulbs has increased, GE has extensively expanded and invested in the Bucyrus plant by installing energy efficient lighting and new machinery to create an energy efficient and safe facility for its workers. GE wanted to continue to provide the highest level safety for workers by purchasing slip resistant ladders for their facility.

The Solution:

The steel manufacturer contacted SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring to provide the GE Bucyrus plant with slip resistant ladder rung covers. SlipNOT® provided slip resistant steel ladder rung covers for ladders that would be installed within the plant. Steel was the optimal substrate for the project because steel will remain slip resistant against harsh elements in the plant such as oil and grease. Steel is also extremely durable and will provide the plant with years of slip resistant safety without having to be replaced.

The Impact:

SlipNOT® steel ladder rung covers have provided a safe solution for slippery ladder rungs in the Bucyrus plant. The ladder rung covers have provided security for the works and have helped GE in its efforts to create a safe and energy efficient facility for workers.