Steel Painted Gray Plates Installed on Mold Shuttle Table at Plastic Mold Facility

Non Slip Steel Work Platform
  • The Situation:

    A large plastic mold facility contacted a local fabricator to provide them with a non-slip surface. The fabricator is a specialized engineering and manufacturing company that designs quick mold change, die change, ergonomic and custom industrial equipment. The fabricator built a 2 x 30,000 lb mold shuttle table for their customer so that they are able to change the molds in their press quickly and safely. Although while employees are creating the plastic parts, hot water circulates through the molds; creating a slippery surface. The fabricator knew that SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring would be able to provide them with a durable, long lasting and slip resistant surface.

  • The Solution:

    SLIPNOT provided the fabricator with various sized 3/16” x 6-1/2” x 78-1/2” Grade 2 mill finished steel plates with 5/16” countersunk holes. The plates were then painted gray for corrosion resistance and aesthetic purposes. Installing slip resistant flooring gave employees a peace of mind while changing the molds in their press.

    According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the plastics industry employs over 1.1 million workers in the United States, representing a substantial portion of the American workforce. Various safety and health concerns exist throughout the plastics industry, ranging from raw material manufacturing to plastics processing. Slips and falls are one of the major causes of accidents that occur frequently and happen when you least expect it.

  • The Impact:

    SLIPNOT’s cut-to-size steel plates increased productivity and instantly created a safer walking surface in all directions. SLIPNOT’s products retain their traction even while wet and ensure employee safety.

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