Steel Technologies Replaces Diamond Plate with SLIPNOT Steel

  • The Situation

    Founded in 1971, Southern Strip Steel started production in Eminence, KY before expanding to Indiana and Michigan. The company went public in 1985 after 14 years of growth and changed its name to Steel Technologies. The company continued to grow, expanding into more states, Canada, and Mexico, before merging with Mitsui & Co and becoming privately owned once again. Currently, the company is owned by a joint venture between Mitsui and Nucor Corporation called NuMit. Steel Technologies employs more than 1,800 people and is an industry leader in flat-rolled steel processing. Throughout its life, Steel Technologies has been committed to quality, holding its products, people, and service to the highest possible standard.

  • The Solution

    Steel Technologies believes that their "excellent safety record is no accident". The company is committed to the safety of its employees and turned to SLIPNOT when it needed help replacing diamond plate on a raised work platform at a facility in Huger, SC. After reviewing specifications, SLIPNOT provided (2) 3/16" thick 49" x 99 1/2" steel plates with Grade 2 steel that were then painted black.

    SLIPNOT was chosen to replace the diamond plate because SLIPNOT steel plates are extremely durable, long lasting, and consistently slip resistant in every direction. Steel Technologies now knows that its workers will be safe from slips even if oil, water, grease, or lubricants spill on the platform.

  • The Impact

    Steel Technologies chose to install steel plates with SLIPNOT Grade 2 steel, providing a slip resistant and durable floor to a raised work platform. The plates replaced worn diamond plate to ensure employees do not have to worry about slipping while working on the platform. Since SLIPNOT is also long-lasting, Steel Technologies will not have to worry about regular replacement of the plates to maintain a high level of slip resistance.

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