Trench Drain Choices

A trench drain is a channel shaped floor drain used for rapid evacuation of surface water. Trench drains are made from corrosion resistant polymer concrete, fiberglass or steel.  Trench drains may be used in different industries such as food and beverage, municipal, aerospace, industrial, commercial, transportation and infrastructure.  Listed below are different trench drain options. Which trench drain do you require?

In order to decide which trench drain fits your project, check the items that pertain to you:

  • Klassik Drain
    • Most widely used modular trench drain.
    • It’s interconnecting and may be installed indoors or outdoors.
    • This drain system offers an aesthetic, cast-in, steel wearing edge.
  • Power Drain
    • Heavy duty trench drain.
    • Each channel unit has a cast-in, ductile iron, wearing edge rail, which provides support for the 90 ton load bearing grates.
    • Grates are secured with a bolt-less locking system.
  • Flow Drain
    • Lightweight trench drain manufactured from fiberglass.
    • Each channel has a choice of steel grate supporting frames.
    • A variety of grates are available.
  • Fastform Drain
    • Trench drain system manufactured from ply cardboard.
    • Does not have EPA disposal issues like Styrofoam systems.
    • These are shipped flat pack for freight.
  • Does your trench drain require a cover?
    • Trench drain covers provide a slip resistant surface for pedestrians.
    • Different covers offered are perforated plate, solid plate or grating.
  • Do you prefer a certain material?
    • Depending on what type of industry the trench drain/cover is installed in, will determine the material used.
    • Different options include stainless steel, steel, aluminum or galvanized steel.
    • Stainless steel would be ideal for food processing facilities due to its aesthetic appeal, durability and corrosion resistance.
    • Steel would most likely be installed in manufacturing facilities such as automotive or oil and mining facilities.

When looking into a trench drain system, you must consider your environment, how much weight it can hold, what type of surface material you need and if you want to add a slip resistant metal surface over the top. When researching non-slip trench drain covers you may consider SLIPNOT’s metal safety products.

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