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SLIPNOT® Aluminum Nosings Prevent Slips and Falls in Seattle Schools

The Situation

A local general contractor(GC), established in 1956 and currently headquartered in Spokane, WA, works in a variety of industries including education, retail, hospitality, and seismic upgrade work, among others. In all the projects they do, they strive “to fulfill business partner and employee needs through commitment to the values of fairness, honesty and quality.”

An elementary and middle school contracted with this GC for various work, including improving staircases in both schools. As a company committed to growing communities, the schools knew they would do everything possible to create the perfect solution.

The Solutions

Several staircases within the schools were made of wood and needed something to provide slip resistance; the GC contacted SLIPNOT for assistance. After reviewing specifications, we recommended and provided (15) various sized aluminum nosings with SLIPNOT grade 2 aluminum for slip resistance. The nosings also had countersunk holes, which allowed them to be easily bolted to the wood of the stairs. The grade 2 aluminum on the nosings provides slip resistance for anyone using the stairs while remaining attractive with the wood. The nosings themselves also protect the more easily worn wood, ensuring the stairs and those who use them will remain safe for years to come.

The company has joined many others that know SLIPNOT is an ideal solution for providing slip resistance on stairs, including the University of Sainte Justine Hospital, Costco, and Woodward. The schools are also in good company with other educational institutions that have various SLIPNOT safety flooring and surface technologies prevent slips and falls for students, teachers and visitors. Some examples include: Stuyvesant High School, the University of North Carolina Charlotte and Northwest College.

The Impact

Safety is a top priority on all projects that this company undertakes, including the elementary and middle school in Seattle, WA. The wooden stairs in both buildings needed something to not only protect the edges of the stairs, but to also provide slip resistance. SLIPNOT grade 2 aluminum nosings do all of those things, ensuring the safety of children, teachers, parents and visitors alike.